Self Advocate Manual

This manual is a guide for people with developmental disabilities in a format that is easy to read. The goal of the manual is to empower people with developmental disabilities to participate in the process of planning for their own future. In order to have capacity for self-determination, people need to be able to enjoy freedom, understand informed choice, know their rights, and be responsible for their future.

selfadvocate_coverSpeaking for Myself
Soft-cover bound book — 33 pages

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when purchased by a person with a disability


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when purchased by providers of service to people with disabilities.


Self Advocate Manual – Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Self-Determination
Chapter 2 Person Centered Planning
Chapter 3 Negotiating with Others
Chapter 4 Agreement
Chapter 5 Making Your Own Plan
Chapter 6 Financial Planning
Chapter 7 Setting Money Goals – Budgeting
Chapter 8 My Will
Chapter 9 Burial Benefits
Chapter 10 Special Needs Trust
Chapter 11 Durable Power of Attorney
Chapter 12 Guardianship