Protect Your Loved One with a Special Needs Trust in Illinois

Life’s Plan, Inc. assists families in addressing the very difficult and universal question: “Who will care for my family member when I a m gone?” For over 30 years, Life’s Plan has assisted people with disabilities and their families.

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We take pride in our trust services. You can rely on our legal, long-term care solutions and professional trust management.

Why Choose the Pooled Trust option?

Using a pooled trust provides individuals and family with financial peace of mind. You’ll know your loved one with a disability has a long -term, high-quality care plan in place-a plan that does not infringe on public benefit programs.

A pooled special needs trust is an excellent way for families and individuals to plan ahead. It ensures public benefits will continue for the lifetime of a person with a disability and creates a legal option for buying supplemental supports and comforts.

Life’s Plan, Inc. manages different types of special needs trusts, such as a 3rd-party trust or a self-funded pooled payback trust (also known as an OBRA D4C Trust). Beneficiaries and their families can rest easy knowing they are part of a Medicaid qualified trust. Life’s Plan Inc. can also provide families individual trust management services.

Joining a Pooled Trust

To help you understand the process of transitioning to a pooled trust, we’ve compiled these resources:

Rely on Life’s Plan, Inc. as you make important estate planning decisions for someone with a disability. To create a trust for your loved one, call 630-628-7189 today or contact us here.

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