Family Manual

This manual has been developed to assist families in addressing the very difficult and universal question “Who will care for my family member when I am gone?”

The goal of this manual is to provide families with sufficient information about their long-term planning options to permit them to take the steps necessary to finalize the arrangements which best meet their particular situation. Careful consideration is given to assisting families in planning a secure future for their family member with a disability without the fear of loss of governmental benefits or invasion of their trust principal.

familyplanning_coverHelping Families Understand Options in Planning for Their Family Member with a Disability

Soft-cover bound book — 60 pages

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Family Manual – Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Why Do Families of Individuals with Disabilities Need to Plan Differently
Page 2
Chapter 2 Durable Power of Attorney – When and Why is it Appropriate?
Page 5
Chapter 3 Guardianship – When and Why is it Appropriate?
Page 15
Chapter 4 Self Determination – Substituted Judgement
Page 37
Chapter 5 How to Plan for Individual Needs – What Needs do You Want to Meet?
Page 40
Chapter 6 Changes in the Family That Affect Planning
Page 44
Chapter 7 Who Needs to Plan?
Page 46
Chapter 8 Planning with Family Money
Page 47
Chapter 9 Planning with an Individual’s Money
Page 58
Chapter 10 Frequently Asked Questions Page 68