Attorney Manual

Planning for an individual with a disability is a very specialized piece of estate planning. This manual for attorneys has been developed to support their effective work with families of individuals with disabilities and ensure protection of their entitlement benefits.


Helping Attorneys Understand Options in Planning for an Individual with a Disability
Soft-cover bound book — 137 pages

Price: $95.00






Attorney Manual – Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Why Do Families of Individuals with Disabilities Need to Plan Differently? Page 1
Chapter 2 Understanding Social Security Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Benefits Page 11
Chapter 3 Acceptable Expenditures Page 23
Chapter 4 Planning with Family Money Page 31
Chapter 5 3rd Party Supplemental Needs Trust Page 36
Chapter 6 History of a Pooled Trust Page 66
Master Trust Documents (OBRA D4C) Page 83
Master Trust Documents (Third Party) Page 92
Transfer Agreement (OBRA D4C) Page 100
Transfer Agreement (Third Party) Page 105
Chapter 7 Planning with an Individual’s Money Page 107
Chapter 8 Life’s Plan Inc. Pooled Trust Page 120
Chapter 9 Frequently Asked Questions Page 126
Chapter 10 Resources Page 132